KARTEPE is inviting you the enthusiasm of the green which mixes with white on peak.


While the people and the nature lives together since centuries, cities getting bigger due to the increasing population and immigration makes the natural areas get smaller and even disappear. Henc e the limited green areas, where people can meet the nature, are flooded by visitors.

Some of them are Maşukiye and Kartepe... 

Kartepe, where tourism activities can be found in four seasons, offers a wide range of organization and activities with its infrastructure at each season and at different colours and at different tastes.

The people mainly living in Kocaeli, İstanbul, Sakarya and some close cities and even some foreigner tourists comes to Maşukiye and Kartepe to breath, have a rest and to meet the nature, tasting local traditional foods, Maşukiye and Kartepe plays a great role in the tourism vision of Kocaeli.

When evaluated in terms of premises and tourism investments, the region serves to tourism for four seasons due to its geographical lucky position has attracted the investors of torusim. Due to the location of Kocaeli, the transportation availability and modern mountain premises has made Kartepe the shining star of winter and mountain tourism.

TASTE: The mountain atmosphere which makes the guests feel hungry it is possible for our guests to find enriched menu of Maşukiye restaurants as well as practical snacks. Through the 20 km way from Maşukiye center to Kartepe Ski center, it is possible to find sausage&bread and it is also possible to find local traditional tastes.

COASTER : It is game for kids and nostalgie for adults. To live this excitement there are several premises which has the basic infrastructure, you can enjoy the coaster with your kids safely and when you feel hungry you can fulfill your joy with sausage&bread along with tea. (I would recommend “Sisli Vadi Premises” for coaster)

SAFARI with QUAD BIKES : Adrenaline fans with quad bikes can get the services of enterprises from the options of natural track, safari in snow, lakeside track with different types of off-road vehicles.

“Texas ATV(Quad Bike) Safari, which operates in Maşukiye is recommended.

TREKKING: Kartepe Region is the richest regions in terms of trekking tracks with numereous possibilities.

In the forest tracks of Kartepe Ski premises are the easy tracks, and alongside the river and kuzu highlands you can find mid-level and hard trekking tracks. However the most used tracks are at the peak of Kartepe and which has the status of national park “Kuzuyaylası Highland”. The premises that are founded here have the infrastructure to answer the needs of trekkers. With its premises for food, drinks and to have a rest, it is highly recommended to trekking fans.

SKI FACILITIES:  Facilities which rents out skiing equipments are the places which make the lives of amateur skiers easier. You don’t have to own your own equipment for skiing! There are lots of facilities where you can rent the equipment in Maşukiye for a really fair price.  When you arrive the ski facilities with your equipment, different types of tracks both for professionals and amateurs will be waiting for your freedom flight..  The beginners are recommended to get a cram training from the experienced trainsers that you can find in the facilities. If you feel hungry, you can get to “Colina café-bar” where you can get a warm service and even glühwein. 

ENTERTAINMENT & MUSIC: There are lots regional facilities and also new places of entertainments where you can have your meal accompanied by live music and arrange meetings or organizations.

Taken from www.dogumarmaraturizm.com web site’s article dated 2nd April 2014 …