Serindere is one of the 3 rivers which feeds Yuvacık Dam along with Aytepe and Kazandere. The affluent water is really cool. To get to Serindere from İzmit, you have to pass by Yuvacık Dam path. You should take the way to the direction of Camidüzü Village right after passing the dam. In approximately 7 kms, you will reach Serindere. In the beginning of the trekking track there is a trout facility where you can park your car, cook a barbeque and sit and have a tea. I would highly recommend you to have trout here. The trout which is grown at the cool water of Serindere is really delicious.  The facility which was damaged by the fire last year is being renovated. The owner of the facility, brother İlyas is a warm and friendly man.

After parking our car, we go up from the way on the left side of the facility. There we see the hydro electric power plant which generates the electricity needs of 12000 houses and built in 2005. We get into the water here. After going further we are having 2 options here, the left side is regular stream bed, the right side is the hard canyon passage.

In our walk with the president of Mountain Club Mehmet Demir, sometimes we got into water upto our bellies and in some points, it is quite hard to walk to the flowrate. While passing the waterfalls we sometimes had to create safety points by using the ropes. During the lunch time, we eat our food which we had taken within a storage box. After a short break we keep on. By passing the waterfalls and pools, we complete the canyon. Sometimes the width of the canyon could reach upto 3 meters and it is becoming hard and it may take hours to complete the track. However the water flow is at the same rates of July’s due to the droughts. You need sea shoes with a thick base. It is highly required so as not to slip and not to feel the stones.you are recommened to carry your stuff in a water repellent bagpack.

To pass the cayon enterance safely, you should get information from the ones who are experienced. It is possible to walk in the canyon until some certain points. After all it is not possible to walk inside the water which is higher than a human length. To be able to keep you you should have a professional team and professional equipment.

The water is so cold that it is so hard to stay inside in it after a certain time. And the rocks which seem to cover the sky is paramount.